Immaturity of the gastrointestinal tract and no enzymes that promote excellent digestion is one of the major causes of colic in infants. Also increase gas formation in a child is caused by incorrect feeding lactating mothers. In order not to complicate the state of the baby, you need to stick to a special diet.
Most often, colic affects boys, gas is noted in 70% of newborns.

The diet of a breastfeeding mom

With breastfeeding there is no need to eat only certain products. The diet of the mother should be varied and complete, the calorie content of everything you eat should be about 3500 kcal or less. Nursing mothers to increase the amount of milk you need to consume more fluids than usual. It is enough to drink per day approximately two liters of weak tea, and clean water. No need to experiment with compote, juices, fruit drinks and fermented milk products until the baby is grown.
For colic the baby from the mother's diet to exclude pastries, bread, any spicy and salty, smoked foods, pickled vegetables. You can't eat a lot of sweet, fatty, it too can cause flatulence.

It is optimal to enter into the diet of a nursing mother a lot of vegetables, but to use them better boiled or baked. It is better to give preference to dim vegetables – green, white, as red, orange color can cause allergies.

What not to eat mom.

Cramps usually occur in children older than two weeks. The increase in gas is due to the gradual habituation of an organism of the child to the mother's milk. And do cramps occur due to the reduction of the walls of the intestine, which is trying to digest food.
The cause of colic may become and improper feeding – the child swallows a lot of air, or in milk a little lactose. In any case, the tummy ache you must contact the pediatrician.

Under the ban of the mother's diet needs to get black bread, sauerkraut, and beans. Fruit is also better not to eat, except for baked apples. Dairy products you can use, but should be left in the diet only yogurt. Whole milk is not recommended. No need to eat nuts, any canned food, soy, chocolate. Give preference to lean meats, potatoes, cereals, pasta from durum wheat. Remember that these restrictions are temporary phenomena, after the disappearance of colic, the baby will gradually enter the favorite foods.