You will need
  • - toothpaste;
  • - the sage;
  • - chamomile;
  • - eucalyptus;
  • - water.
If a pimple on the tongue caused by an allergic reaction, be sure to seek help from a specialist. The doctor, having examined the General condition of the body and taking a scraping from the tongue, will prescribe the necessary treatment. As a rule, for strengthening the immune system prescribe a multivitamin complexes.
Often, a pimple on the tongue occurs after receiving microtraumas. For example, a careless bite, cut hard food (seeds, chips), etc. In this case, within a few days try to eat various soups, eliminating spicy, fried and fatty meals. Already 3-4 days you will notice a significant improvement.
The most common cause of pimple on the tongue is stomatitis. This disease affects children. This is due to any infection or dirt in your mouth. Be sure to seek the help of a specialist. Currently there are a large variety of different antimicrobial drugs that can help in this situation. You can buy them at the pharmacy. Note: each drug has several contraindications and side effects.
Remove the discomfort and inflammation in the oral cavity with the help of ordinary toothpaste. To do this, spread the damaged area of the tongue in a thick layer. After 5-10 minutes rinse pasta with cool water. The procedure is repeated several times a day until complete recovery.
To cure the pimple on tongue is also possible, using proven traditional medicines. Prepare the antimicrobial extract. To do this, 1 tablespoon of eucalyptus leaves, 1 tablespoon of chamomile and 1 tablespoon of sage pour a glass of water. Bring this mixture to boil on a slow fire. Capacity cover with a tight lid. After 40-50 minutes, strain the infusion. Use the finished product as a rinse for the mouth.