According to different information sources, the cost of transfer ranges from 100 to 160 million dollars. Many of even the bottom bracket this range seems too high. This money is "real" is more than enough to buy several clubs in the Spanish Primera. However, if you look at soccer from an economic point of view, it turns out that the critics and the "real" rather underestimate such top players like Cristiano Rolando.

After football turned into a branch of show business, efficiency from the players ceased to be measured only in goals and assists. Football became a mass spectacle, which draws attention to specific characters. The Portuguese Ronaldo is one of the most recognizable players in the world. Therefore, "real", which provides for a $ 100 million, estimates this amount is not only a creative head, and the feet of the player, but also a new part of the market, which if successful will be able to cover one time.

During the first five years of the existence of the term "Galacticos" real Madrid didn't win anything, but more than half increased their profits: from 138 to 292 million euros per year. Not the fact that if "real" is not developed and not brought to life the concept of "Galacticos, but picked up during this time, many titles, income growth would still be substantial. Estimated Daily Telegraph, real Madrid and his techspansion, in case of transfer of Ronaldo, only from the sale of t-shirts will receive about $ 50 million.

Economists at Deloitte, every year conduct a thorough audit of the football industry, if you criticize the clubs for the high cost of salaries, I mean intermediate level players. In their opinion the salaries of players grow at the same rate as the salaries of stars, but the growth of the market "average" have less of an impact. Top players despite wage growth, continue to receive less stars is the leading sports leagues of the America – Formula 1 and Golf. So, the income and value of the leading players in world football, established itself as a powerful sports industry, there is room to grow, and it is inevitable.