What can be done with chocolate eggs

Chocolate egg from Ferrero can become a surprise not only for children but for any adult – and not necessarily it must be a toy collector. Try to make an original present for a close person, from the "kinder" self-gift. Prepare a small souvenir that can fit in the "yolk" chocolate eggs – plastic container. They can become decoration, wrist watch, keychain, rolled into a tube bill.

Very neat laminate brand candy wrapper foil along the seam, taking care not to damage the wrapper. Then with the tip of a very sharp knife separate the halves of eggs on the Central line. Remove from the container the toy and placing it in your gift, close tightly. Re-start the "yolk" chocolate egg, carefully sapaw the edges with a knife warmed in hot water. For invisible connection of joints it is recommended to use another chocolate kinder surprise. Wrap the treat and will put it in the refrigerator compartment. Your unusual gift is ready!
The idea of the series "Kinder" with a high content of dairy ingredients in chocolate came to mind Michele Ferrero, who since the childhood did not like milk in its pure form. In a box of cracker jacks this product is 32%.

An avid collector of toys from chocolate eggs you can please a whole bunch of kinder surprises. To give pastry the shape of a flower, cut each Bud from the green tissue paper. Wrap the pieces in the bottom of the eggs, tight-turning legs and fluff them with white glue. In buds with hardened bottom, carefully insert a wooden or plastic skewers. Their kinder surprises make a beautiful composition in basket, combining flowers from chocolate eggs with live plants and decorative elements. Top, you can put a small soft toy and colorful card.

DIY of the containers from kinder surprise

Collectors of kinder surprise and in homes with young children often accumulate a large number of plastic containers from chocolate eggs. It is not necessary to throw them away, because this is an amazing material for various crafts games and interior decoration. Over one night it can be used to decorate a whole Christmas tree! Here are just two examples of Christmas tree decorations from kinder surprise.

Berry: paint containers with paint in red, for better fixation of the dye, mix it with PVA glue. When the berries are dry, place the grass on top of colored paper and attach a string loop. Fish: install a strip of foil with a pencil and fold to make a four-pointed tail. Puncture the container with one hand and drag it through the hole the fishing line strung with twisted ribbon and bead. Lock the tail inside the "yolk" with the second bead and knot. Close the container, wrap smeared with glue decorative braid and attach a fish eye buttons and mouth from colored paper.
The containers from kinder surprise - great storage for small items like beads and small screws. In folk medicine to prevent colds use of suspension plastic "egg yolks", filled with crushed garlic.

If you show imagination and artistic taste, using plastic "egg yolks" and scrap materials to create an amazing interior decoration. So, from kinder surprises are gorgeous floral compositions. For branches with three acorns, dip the containers into the glue and wrap tightly with twine. Glue the tops of the coffee beans, forming a cap. Associate acorns with a bunch of "shoots" of the twine, attach sheets of burlap. This product will fit perfectly in a country style, full of wooden furniture and wicker items. And no one will know that the highlight of the interior decoration has become spent "kinder"!