Advice 1: What you can do out of the box of chocolates

Empty boxes of chocolates – an indispensable material for art, turning it into capable hands in an original, unique gift or stylish interior decor.
Jewelry box candy box

Photo frame with the cache

From the candy boxes classic rectangular shape it is possible to make the gift a photo frame with a small cache inside. This will require a box with a folding cover like a book cover and elegant paper art, or scraps of beautiful Wallpapers.

In the lid of the candy box cut out an oval or rectangular window, whose dimensions correspond to the dimensions of inserted pictures. On a sheet of paper for decoration or piece of Wallpaper to draw the contours of the box taking into account the allowances for bending inward. On the part of the paper, which will be on the cover, make a cut out "window" and encircle it, departing from the contour of 2-3 cm From the indent cut out small kinks. On the reverse side of the cover and insert the photo, fixing it with strips of tape.

The teeth are bent to the inner side of the cut out box and glue to the lid. Box coat with glue and carefully pasted over with decorative paper on the outer and inner walls. The bottom of the frame-stash decorated with ornaments of the napkins in decoupage technique, or glue a sheet of decorative paper. After that, adorn the exterior of the cap: the window frame is decorated with ornate ribbons, the free surface is adhered flowers, leaves corrugated paper. Inside the box-photo frames put the gift card and tie the whole product elegant ribbon.

Box for jewelry

To candy boxes to make a graceful and elegant jewelry box, you can use white acrylic primer and a small sponge to prepare the internal surface for painting. If the box has any holes before priming them need to glue the strips of paper.

After the primed surface is dry, paint it using spray paint in silver or gold color. Spray paint is necessary to produce from a short distance, otherwise it can form unsightly streaks. Napkins with a pattern or a thin decorative paper cut out a rectangle the dimensions of which correspond to the bottom of the box and carefully glued it. The side walls inside the box pasted over with paper strips of the same color. The inner surface of the cover can be covered with paper in a contrasting color – it gives the box a certain style and originality.

Then the box turned over and painted the bottom and outer wall. After complete drying, the finished product can be coated with a layer of clear varnish. The outside covers are decorated with ornament of beads or rhinestones. Inside the finished box, you can insert a cardboard partition dividers for different jewelry.

Advice 2: What can be done with tapes

Tape is not only a very popular accessory for creating all kinds of hairstyles, but very beautiful and versatile ornamental material. Tape can be used as in decoration of gifts, the decoration of shoes and clothing, and in the creation of new original products.
What can be done with ribbons

Beads and bracelets. The first and the easiest thing to make out of ribbon, this necklace and bracelets. There are many methods and options for manufacturing such accessories, select one option and proceed to work. It is worth noting that a very interesting and original look woven from multi-colored ribbons and bracelets.

Barrettes and bows. Hair clips and bows made of ribbons is a classic. To make themselves exclusive barrette is a snap. For example, from satin ribbons to make a rosette (or any other flower, a small bow, then glue stick it on the invisible. And you've got yourself a stylish accessory.

Picture. Ribbon is the perfect material for embroidery. Many of you are familiar with the paintings, embroidered with threads, so here is a picture of the ribbons is not less beautiful products. Plus paintings of the tapes is the fact that their creation takes significantly less time than the pattern of the strands.

Souvenirs. Very original look different Souvenirs made of ribbons, for example, bouquets of flowers (roses, lilies, daisies), all kinds of floral arrangements in the form of a topiary.

Trim items and accessories. Of course, we should not forget the fact that by using tapes, you can give a second life to some things, and gave them the original way. For example, simple shoes is highly transformed, if the rear portion in the heel area to decorate an exquisite bow of satin ribbon.

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