Flower fields

For making roses you will need:
- cardboard egg cartons;
- acrylic paint;
- scissors;
- tassels;

Cut the tops of the cells, align them, fold in half and cut out the petals. Received the items with scissors a little fold out from the center. Similarly cut another cone, making the petals a little smaller than the previous one. Connect internal and external detail with glue.

For making nice gradient of color you will need two shades of pink. Use an intense pink in the center of roses, the outer petals of the selected color is dilute with white. If the rose possesses insufficient, add a separate petals, cut from egg tray.

The leaves of the roses are cut the same way. The finished rose can be inserted into a floral wreath or combine floral wire.

If the sight of bright yellow daffodils, your heart starts beating faster, be yellow paint. For each flower you need six petals. Cut them in a way that captures the bottom of the box. As a result, the petals will have a concave shape.

From the cover of the tray and cut out the circle with glue, connect the petals together. From the next cell cut the sidewall and curl it into a tube, glue to center of flower. Acrylic paints yellow paint Narcissus and thread floral wire.

Walls "under a brick"

Paper packaging from the eggs soak in water, let them soak and wring out. The soaking packages take 2-3 days if they are separated into small pieces will take several hours.

The resulting mass grind with a blender. If the pulp contains too much moisture, squeeze it through cheesecloth. Place the workpiece in a convenient bowl for every pound of pulp add 1 tablespoon of gypsum and 70 g of PVA glue. The composition is good knead. However, do not hold to, because the result is supposed to be an imitation of rough, natural stone.

Form for future "bricks" is chosen based on the required size and thickness. The form cover it with cellophane wrap, tamp it mass and shape the surface. After hardening of the mass, gently at the corners of the cellophane, remove the brick. Lay on a sheet of absorbent paper and leave to dry for 24 hours.

Attached paper of the bricks in PVA glue. If the trim is subject to curved surface, use nedosushennye pieces that bend easily. Paint a wall with latex paint and decorated with silver and gold spray.