You will need
  • - mastic;
  • - toothpicks;
  • - confectionery glue;
  • - food coloring (gel dyes);
For modeling Smeshariki you can use milk paste. For the figures with a diameter of 3-4 cm will need 30 grams of putty on the torso and 5-20 g per part, depending on the character. Prepare 10 balls of the appropriate color, leaving a bit of putty of each color in a plastic bag for further modeling details.
Leave the bulbs on for 12 hours for drying, periodically checking that they are not flattened. If necessary, re-roll the ball, so he again became round. When mastic will dry up and will not deform from depression, you can start sculpting details.
To make the Turtle's feet. Blind cords-hands and attach the two sides to the torso. Then make balls and on each run the toothpick three notches that mimic the toes. Flagella from a wide oblong shape of the lugs, leave them to dry to keep shape. Then glue the ears by using confectionery glue to the body. Add the details of the face: eyes, eyebrows, nose, food coloring, draw mouth and pupils.
For Hedgehog prepare flagella-foot with notches and small ears made from small beads, concave inside. Attach details on the figure. Make blue mastic large needles. Roll into balls and make a triangular pyramid needle. Glue the facial features: eyes, nose, eyebrows, draw the eyes and mouth. Around the eyes with the help of flagella draw points.
For Zovuni blind cap. Roll out purple and orange mastic beads of different diameter and slightly flattened them, connect the alternating color in the cone-cap. Attach the top triangular ears. To glue the body wings are made of a thin triangular cakes, drawing on it with a toothpick feathers. Paws collect from multiple flagella. Add the details of the face: eyes, eyelids, beak, draw the pupils and draw the "hair".
For Barash first make curls similar to sheep's wool. Roll into small cords and twist them into a circle. Manufacture of miniature lugs, and blue mastic twisted horns. Foot make just two flagella, one end a little rasdeep. Glue on the face: eyes, eyebrows, nose, draw a sad mouth and pupils.
Belly Pina attach a circle of white mastic. Fabricate cone-shaped beak with expressive natural bend. Stick to the body on the sides of the oblong wings, and the bottom red legs. If necessary, details keep a piece of paper towel or foil. Put on the head, made of brown putty cap and goggles. Glue the eyes and draw the pupils.
From Nyusha draw red hearts on the stomach. Attach cords-legs and hands, coloring red hooves. Blind ears and orange hair with braids, which adorn a white flower. Glue on face: round eyes, nose-tapered balloon, draw red lips, eyelashes, and black dots of the pupils.
Make Loasa horns of dark brown mastic. When they dry out, stick the frosting glue to the head. Attach to the figure of the little lugs and oblong columns-paws. Glue on face: oval white eyes with black pupil, a cone-shaped nose and eyebrows. Draw a mouth.
Kopatich legs make like from Crumbling. Elongated flagella (arms) and balls (of the feet) with notches. Shape from light brown mastic hat: sphere slightly flattened on the crown of the hat, and the circle (field). Optional shape and topography of the hat. On the face draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose, chubby cheeks, draw the eyes and mouth.