Greenhouse varieties (long and dark green) can be stored for no more than three days. They are usually sold in a package or PE bags. To save the presentation, the bags are filled with carbon dioxide, the air from the packages removed. Therefore, these cucumbers store in a dark place without removing from the package. If the package is already broken, wrap cucumber wrap or put in a dry jar to recreate the gaseous medium.

Cucumbers are often stored at low temperatures in store Windows, if the cucumbers to open and put into the refrigerator, they will quickly turn into a nasty mess. Cucumbers do not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. They "get cold" if the temperature is below six degrees, because of this, they formed an unpleasant mucus, begin to develop putrefactive bacteria. To save cucumbers from rot, enough to put in the package to the cucumbers a piece of horseradish, peeled garlic cloves.

How to store cucumbers

Someone after purchase, wash the cucumbers and removes for storage is wrong. It is better to treat them with vaseline or wax. Consumption of nutrients decreases, the cucumbers will retain their appearance over a month. Cucumbers from the garden already are protected from rotting, they do not need to wash, keep them dry.

Another way to preserve cucumbers is to wrap each vegetable in a paper towel to remove the package. But you can still put the cucumbers in a wide bowl, pour the water and change it every day, so she began to go out.

Cucumbers should not be stored with bananas, apples and other vegetables that emit ethylene. Decide for yourself where you prefer to store cucumbers in refrigerator or a large pot.