If the cucumber is too much, the better part of the pickle. For starters, choose the smallest fruits: pickles(3-5 cm), cornichons (5-7 and 7-9 cm), fruits (to 12 cm). They are best suited for pickling. But that needs to be addressed as soon as possible after picking/purchase, otherwise the cucumbers will become flabby and lose its beneficial properties. The fruits should be protected from sunlight and wind.
Select rested, battered pickles for canning they will not fit. Before you pickle the cucumbers, soak them for 3-4 hours in cold water, but keep in mind that to start processing is not later than 10 hours after you have prepared the vegetables. There is one little secret: if brine is to add some mustard, vegetables will live longer and become more interesting taste.
Larger cucumbers it is better to leave in the refrigerator at an average temperature of 0 degrees. But don't overdo it with the cold! Some varieties are very sensitive to low temperature and can "catch a cold". Use plastic bags or a bowl with a lid. Place the vegetables on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, preferably separately from other products. It is better not to wash them in advance, do it just before eating. Vegetables can be stored up to 15 days.
Not necessary to have a refrigerator to extend the life of the vegetable. If you are in the country, in the village, use the cellar. Put the cucumbers in a clay dish, sprinkle them with well-washed sand and cover tightly. Under the ground they will also stay fresh and tasty.
There are several ways to store this product in water. You can put cucumbers sharp ends in cold water for 3-8 cm and often change it. If you have a well, you can use it. Place the fruit in a bucket, cover with a cloth and dip into the well so that the bucket was not submerged, but only touched the water surface.
For longer storage you can freeze cucumbers. For this you need to wash them and cut into thin slices. Lay the sliced cucumbers in layers on a plastic foil, in boxes or crates and put in the freezer. When the whole structure has hardened, put the cucumbers preform in the package and send it back in the freezer.