You will need
  • - Pottery,
  • - river sand,
  • Sol
  • - glass jars
  • - egg whites,
  • - a wooden barrel.
Take a large dry pots, and throw in cucumbers. Pour the cucumbers thoroughly washed and thoroughly dried river sand, stir, cover tightly and bury in the ground in the cellar.
Take young cucumbers and slice them not very thin slices. Lay tight in small glass jars and pour each row of cucumbers, a small amount of salt. Top and bottom row in the Bank must be made from a dense layer of salt. Close the jar tightly with a plastic cap and store in the refrigerator or cellar. Before use, soak awhile cucumbers in the water.
Freshly picked cucumbers can be stored in fresh condition within three to four weeks. It's enough to put them in the pot with their pointed ends down, and fill with cold spring water for 3-8 inches. The more you change the water, the longer cucumbers remain fresh.
There is one interesting way of preserving cucumbers. Plant cucumbers in the same bed together with cabbage. When cabbage heads start to twist and will appear beside the cucumber on his whip, then without lifting it, put it in the head. Kale closes the pickle and it will grow inside cabbage. Cucumber will be located inside the head, like in the case. Cabbage drain in a basement or cellar, as required to get a completely fresh cucumbers in winter.
To keep the pickles from drying, wash them thoroughly with boiled water and wipe with paper towels. Separate the egg white from the yolk and brush all over (protein) cucumbers, so they will have an impenetrable film for moisture. Such a genuine film, unlike plastic, it allows the fruit to breathe, so the cucumbers, well kept even without refrigeration in a cool dark place.
Some rural residents use this method: fill a wooden barrel with fresh cucumbers and fall down to the bottom of the unfrozen pond with running cold water. In winter and spring cucumbers to get in the best form.