How to glue metal to wood with glue

Previously the surface of the metal and the wood should be well degreased. For degreasing of metal would be the best solution of two parts sulphuric acid and one part nitric. Pre-metal needs to be sanded fine sandpaper. Wood can be treated with the usual solvent. Then the metal is washed well with clean water. You need to wait until the water is dry, not wiping the surface. After that one should apply a thin layer of synthetic glue for the metal and wood and dry. In ten hours the surface is again smeared with glue and put under a press and hold for about a day. Usually used rubber adhesives of the type 88-NP, CU-1, W-3, 88-H, "Elastosil-2" and "Pateks". Rubber adhesives are convenient in that easily cut off the excess - it makes the products marketable.
During the Second world war was the first result of the bonding of metal and wood, and the British produced the first aircraftthat used wooden structures connected with metal using rubber cement.
You can also glue wood and metal silicone rod that sold in any hardware store. You should buy a rod, heat with a lighter, lubricate the metal surface and glue to the tree.

Another popular method is the gluing of wood and metal with an epoxy resin. For example, suitable two-component epoxy Permabond ET515 or POXIPOL, more popularly known as "cold welding". Even as an option suitable two-component adhesive "Supervet". In any large hardware store there is a wide assortment of adhesives that will help solve the problem of gluing metal and wood.

How to glue metal to wood with adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes is a new word in the construction industry. The very complexity of gluing metal to plastic or wood is that these materials have different coefficient of expansion when heated. Therefore, building the idea came up with double-sided adhesive tapes on the basis of the foam.
If necessary, these tapes are quite easily removed from hard surfaces, metal and wood without leaving any traces.
Range of these strips is high enough, allowing the customer to select exactly the one which is suitable in his case, because the metal and wood vary considerably in their characteristics. Adhesive tape does not impose high requirements for cleaning of surfaces and as bonding here will be very high. The most popular on the market of adhesive tapes MetalShelfTape, DUBLFIXHIGHBOND and DHB-04.