Advice 1: How to put furniture lock

Furniture castle is undoubtedly a useful invention that allows you to conceal your belongings and protect them from theft or pampering children.
How to put furniture lock

Furniture locks are for glass and wood products, particle Board, plywood, etc. the First does not require drilling or any difficult action from your side. They are easily and quickly mounted on the glass door. To install the second, you'll need a set of special tools and elementary carpentry skills.

Tool required for installation of furniture lock: electric drill, drill "Forstner" or pen a drill with a diameter of 20 mm, the screwdriver or screwdriver (flat or Phillips – it depends on the screws in the configuration of your castle), awl, pencil, eraser, ruler, small piece of wood, chipboard or plywood.

The installation of furniture consists of four operations. The first two of these, the most difficult and responsible. Is marking the installation location and drilling. The last two - mount the lock and the striker or area.

When marking, consider the width of the square body, the length and diameter of the cylinder faces the castle. As a rule, its length equal to the thickness commonly used in the manufacture of furniture materials and 16-18 mm. in Diameter usually 19 mm. Center drilling under lock and key is calculated by adding the radius of the mask (approximately 10 mm) with the distance from the rim of the mask to the edge of the extended tab lock. To this sum must be added a couple of millimeters of extra thickness for better hook with the response area. The resulting distance measured from the edge of the door or drawer in place of the castle. If the door is external, plyusuem the thickness of the wall to which it is closed.

In the center of the drilling is done with an awl a small indentation. It will help us to better center the drill. Drilling is best done from the front side and the reverse side of the tightly attach a piece of prepared us wood. While drilling of the product may be cleaved material. Tight lining will help to avoid this. Drill at low speed.

Once the hole is done, you can insert it in the lock. Next, awl it is planned to place screwing screws. Screwdriver or screwdriver to tighten the screws, securing the lock on the door or drawer. The front side is put on the cylinder faces of the lock trim ring. Sometimes you need little effort to drown tails ring deep. But this should be done carefully, because the ring itself can be soft and deformed.

After you install the lock, set the response area on the perpendicular to the surface. Consider the method of installation of the door or drawer – internal or external. In the external area you can just dub over the edge, and internal – will have to take into account the thickness of the door on which the lock, plus a possible deepening of this door in the closet or Desk. Then the procedure is repeated: the proposed holes with an awl, and fasten the screws.

Close the door or drawer. Check the castle. If the area clings to the tongue, it can bend or fit a needle file or flap disk grinder.

Ensuring that keys are not lost, they can hang plastic tag.


Advice 2 : How to open the lock on the table

In cabinets with sliding drawers the top one is usually equipped with a lock. If it lost all the keys or they're locked up in the box, and get stored thing is necessary, necessary to remove the top cover. After that the lock can be changed, and a bedside table - to restore.
How to open the lock on the table
You will need
  • - chisel;
  • - hammer;
  • - pliers;
  • - new lock.
Make sure that the table really belongs to you. If not, please refrain from opening it. Take a chisel and put it in the crack between the wall and the top cover. Carefully lift the last light hammer blows on the chisel.
Placing the chisel from different sides, evenly lift the lid until it is released from projecting from the walls of the round protrusions. Do not try to accelerate the process of increasing the power of strikes - the tabs can fracture and remain in the cover which will reduce the strength of the tables.
After removing the cover, pull out the drawer all the items and put them in a safe place, such as another locker or drawer. If the keys are in the box, take them out. If they are lost, with the help of pliers remove the internal nut to lock. Remove the lock and take it with you to the hardware store or on the construction market as a sample. Buy the same lock.
Install in drawer new castle and secure it with the nut. While installing the top cover, try it in action. After turning the key clockwise the button should pop out out with a keyhole, and in this position, the box should move. If you press and lock button, the lock should prevent the extension drawer.
Placing the entire bunch of keys from the new castle out of the box, spread the edges of walls and tables (but not the box!) the perimeter adhesive, suitable for the connection of wood panels. Put the lid on the tabs, and then light hammer blows on the edges evenly and press it until the cracks. Do not hit it too hard, otherwise may cause cracking, affecting the appearance of the product. Remove them after this would be impossible.
Wait until the glue dries. Put in the drawer all were in things. Making sure that all the keys are on the outside, push the drawer, and then lock it by pressing the lock button.
Do not attempt to open someone else's locker without the permission of its owner.

This manual may not be suitable for all designs of cabinets.
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