Advice 1: How to open wine

Wonderful drink, ambrosia and nectar, an incredible and heady wine. However, to get to the drink, dressed in a dark glass bottle, you need to have several important skills.
How to open wine

Of course, the skill to open a bottle sealed by a cork, comes with practice, but there are a few useful recommendations that will not prevent to learn.

The first thing you need to be able present wines fan is to use a corkscrew. Corkscrews come in different designs and different shapes. The main thing for a spin - spiral is serviceable and a convenient handle. After all of the handle you will get the cork from the bottle.

So, use the corkscrew you need. Take the bottle and take off the excess neck of the wrapper. Then the tip of the spiral of the corkscrew slightly to drive in traffic. Now hold the handle of the corkscrew and begin to twist it into the cork in a circular motion. It is recommended to twist the corkscrew until, until the end of it will not find it on the other side of the tube. If you are not screw the corkscrew, there is a possibility that the cork to crumble and not come out whole. When the corkscrew is twisted, start to pull it out by the handle. Today there are plenty of ingenious devices that help to get the cork using leverage. With this corkscrew to open the bottle will be easy, but not as exciting and difficult as with a conventional corkscrew.

If you don't have a corkscrew, to open wine needs, there are a couple of ways. The first and the easiest, is to press the cork inside of the bottle. Of course, this is ignorant and against the rules, but when there is no other option, this will do. To carry out such an operation, need a long key or screwdriver. The bottle must be firmly fixed between the stop better. Then push the tube - only tube. Standing over the bottle you get to work on the tube with all his weight. Remember, the pressure should be gradual and uniform. When the tube will be, it will go faster, but that doesn't mean you need to push harder. The second option requires some skill and availability of tools. You need a screw, screwdriver and pliers. These things will help to open the wine on the same principle as a corkscrew. You need to tighten screw into the tube and get it with pliers. It is important that the screws were not small, otherwise you'll get a piece of the tube.

Good to drink wine and spend time in the company of a bottle of dark glass.


Advice 2 : How to remove a cork from a bottle

At first glance it seems that to pull the cork from the bottle without a corkscrew is very difficult. Quite the contrary. Has come up with some interesting ways that surprise with their simplicity and efficiency. With their help to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew at any time in any situation.
How to remove a cork from a bottle
The simplest thing you can do is to twist the bottle of wine 2-3 times in one direction and then in another. Continue to put pressure on the tubeand she comes inside.
Or take a Shoe with a wide heel. Hit hand on the bottom of the bottle, then put her inside shoes on the heel area and beat on the wall with such force that the plug slowly started to come out. And then just to get her out.
If there is at hand a plastic bottle, it is very easy to knock the tube, if you hit several times on the basis of a bottle of wine. When the tube will be half of its pull. Of course, the plastic bottle must be filled and closed.
Very well, if you have a pocketknife. It is cut in the cork, fold in half and twist the tube.
In the presence of tools to drive in the cork screw and use it like a corkscrew for wine. Only to pull out with pliers.
If you cannot pull the cork out of the bottle out, you can try to push with your finger. The case is time-consuming, and, for example, girls may not be possible. Then you need to tap the bottom of the bottle, and then try again.
And if you can't open a bottle of wine in any way, the tube can be cracked with a knife and pushed the remains inside. The wine will not become worse.
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