The 5 most popular brands of red wine from Georgia

Red semisweet "Alazani valley" is produced in Georgia since 1977. Raw materials for this brand of wine are the grape varieties of "Aleksandrouli", "mujuretuli", "Saperavi", "Ojaleshi" and some others that Georgian winemakers itself is grown in the Alazani valley (in Kakheti region). This drink has a dark red colour and strength of 10-12%.

Exquisite bouquet "Alazani valley" is very diverse and difficult to give an accurate description, as every wine lover can find something of their own.

"Akhasheni" - sweet wine, leading its history since 1958. For over half a century for its production using the cultivar of grapes "Saperavi". It is believed that "Akhasheni" has a very harmonious taste that is reminiscent of exotic fruits. The fortress of the wine – 10,5-12%, matured for 2 years.

"Kvareli" - dry wine, leading its history since 1966. To prepare this drink, use only the variety "Saperavi". The color of wine "Kvareli" is dark ruby, the taste is exquisitely velvety, and the aroma reminiscent of a fragrant bouquet of wildflowers. Aging of this wine is 3 years.

The famous "Kindzmarauli", which is a semisweet type wine. This drink is made in Georgia in 1942 from the grape "Saperavi". Color "Kindzmarauli" - cherry, and the taste includes slight sourness.

"Mukuzani" - dry wine, which is one of the most ancient. The wine has a distinct ruby color, and flavor and aroma - very strong and intense. The period of exposure of the drink is 3 years.

Commencement of commercial production "Mukuzani" dates from 1893.

The 5 most popular brands of white Georgian wine

White semisweet "Alazani valley" is, like its namesake red wine, produced in Georgia since 1977 from grapes of "Rkatsiteli", "Tetra", "Rkatsiteli", "Mtsvane" and "Kakheti". Drink light straw color with a very soft and delicate flavor. The wine is 10-12%.

"Bakhtrioni" - dry white wine is made the Georgian wine-growers of the variety "Mtsvane Kakheti". The color of the drink is pale Golden and the aroma is very subtle. Ordinary "Bakhtrioni" ripening period of 3 years, and its strength is 10-12. 5%.

Kakheti is a white table wine made from the growing in Georgia varieties of "Rkatsiteli" and "Mtsvane Kakheti". Color the wine has a bright Golden, with amber tint, aroma is fruit, some wine lovers may seem very specific, as not like the usual floral. Common for "Kakheti" fortress of 10.5-13%.

"Napareuli" - a dry white wine produced from the grapes of "Rkatsiteli" and "Mtsvane". Its light straw color and a fruity bouquet. The term exposure "Napareuli" is 3 and its strength – 10-12%.

And finally, very popular among the Soviet intelligentsia vintage dry "Rkatsiteli", leading its history since 1948. For its preparation used variety "Rkatsiteli", "Khikhvi" and "Mtsvane". The wine's color is intense amber. The aging period is 2 years.