How old is the hamster?

как разводить джунгариков

Djungarian hamster is a funny little animal, weighing from five to forty-five grams. In natural conditions it inhabits the steppes of Western Siberia and Central Asia. In European and Asian, at least the American Djungarian pet stores sell as Pets. Buyers, especially those buying a pet for a child, usually concerned about how long a hamster can live from them. Indeed, despite its tiny dimensions, the animal can become a real member of the family, and his death will cause pain to the owners.

The life of Djungarian hamster is one and a half to three years depending on health and quality of the content of the animal. In contrast to the natural environment in the cage the animal is not threatened predators, and modern veterinary medicine allows to treat many diseases, even such tiny animals. Your pet can live even if not too long, compared to cats and dogs, but happy life.
Natural enemies of Jungaria in nature are foxes, weasels, ferrets and birds of prey. But at home hamster can eat the cat.

How to extend the life of your pet

как приручить

With proper care Djungarian hamster can live in captivity for up to four years. For this purpose the owner should take care of a comfortable cage, and good nutrition for your pet. Drugarice prefer to live alone and extremely jealous of their territory. The contents of two or more species in one cage or terrarium is a stress for your pet. If you want to the hamster lived for as long as possible, better give him a separate apartment.

The hamster cage should be spacious, since the animal is quite movable. Equip the hamster hole and put the wheel where he can warm up. A sedentary lifestyle significantly reduces released the animal term.
Djungarian hamsters like to try on the tooth. The bars of the cage should not be covered with paint.

The easiest way to feed the hamster with special mixtures that are sold in pet stores. Their composition is selected so to provide the animal with the necessary nutrients. Include in the diet of Jungaria fresh vegetables and fruits – carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, apples, beets, corn, apricots, bananas, peaches, lettuce.

Two or three times a week your pet should be given food rich in protein – a piece of boiled chicken, boiled egg or low fat cottage cheese. Although the nature of these hamsters live in the desert, where water is extremely small, set in a cage drinker and do not forget to change the water in it. Properly caring for the animal, you give him the most a long life.