You will need
  • Wheel
First of all, you must choose the right wheel for your pet. Check the wheel size: the diameter must be at least 18 see If the hamster is in the wheel closely - he may refuse to run, or you have back problems, because he will have to arch your back while running.
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Check whether spinning the wheel, you do not have the animal to exert too much effort to move it. Spin the wheel yourself by hand if it turns tight, lubricate the axle with oil.
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For the safety of the hamster, it is important that on his way there was no cross spokes. Otherwise there is a risk that the baby hurt his foot. Therefore, it is better to buy wheels with a solid work surface. A good option would be a wheel, fully closed on one side and open on the other so that the hamster can easily use it and come back.
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Making sure the wheel meets all the necessary requirements for the safety and convenience of the animal, I can meet a hamster with his running machine. Gently put the pet into the wheel and cover the exit with his hand or a sheet of paper. The animal needs to instinctively move forward to make the wheel start spinning. If he does not know to do this, try to help him with treats.
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Do not worry if your pet will not immediately excitedly to run in the wheel - he needs to get used to the new object. Treat the baby treat every time he shows interest in the wheel.
Don't forget that hamsters are most active in the evening and night - that's why you need to make sure that the wheel was extremely quiet.
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