Please note that in the two-week age kittens get the first milk teeth. They are sharp as needles, and kids can injure your mother-cat during feeding. If you notice that one of her nipples has a bite mark, treat it with antiseptic. In 8-12 weeks kitten is usually already got a full set of 26 baby teeth.
Do not miss the moment when the baby teeth of a kitten will begin to change to permanent. This usually happens upon reaching the age of three animals plus or minus a few days. Change first the incisors, then the canines and finally the molars and premolars. Usually the change of teeth is fully completed when the animal turns 7 months.
Give your kitten a complete diet with a high content of calcium and phosphorus for the entire period of change of milk teeth to permanent. This will allow to saturate his body with all necessary for rapid growth and normal development,and will also make the animal's teeth healthy and strong. If the baby in this period eating worse than usual, but otherwise remains bright and cheerful, don't worry – at the stage of change of teeth is a normal phenomenon.
Keep in mind that at the time when the kittens change teeth, they gnaw everything that comes their way. Put them in closets clothes and shoes from animal hide all valuables and don't let them get close to the wires. At the pet store you can buy special toys, nibbling that, kitten milk teeth weakens and simultaneously accelerates the eruption of permanent. In any case, during the game do not allow the kitten to bite your hands, because in the future to wean him from this seemingly harmless habit will be very difficult, if not impossible.
Monitor how the change of teeth the kitten. Usually the problem with it arises, but in rare cases it may cause inflammation of the gums of the animal and the appearance of pus from the wound and the unpleasant smell from the mouth of a cat. This means that the wound was infected. If you notice such symptoms, contact a veterinary clinic; perhaps the vet decides to remove one or more deciduous teeth in order to accelerate the emergence of permanent teeth.