How many teeth of the kitten and when they appear

как почистить кошке зубы

Newborn kittens are still toothless. Only after 2 weeks of life they begin to first erupt the baby teeth. If you have found them the kitten, so that we can start to introduce solid foods.

All kittens 26 is cut through the milk (temporary) teeth. In the period of approximately 3-5 months they begin to fall out, to be replaced by permanent. Typically, this process takes 5-7 months.
14 milk teeth in kittens are located in the upper jaw and 12 in lower.

With proper nutrition change teeth in kittens is not particularly painful, it does not require medical assistance. However, not be amiss at this time to observe the oral cavity of the animal.

And if you notice any deviation - for example, baby teeth fall out and permanent already cut - definitely contact your vet. There the doctor will determine whether to delete the temporary teeth, or they will soon fall out on their own.

How many teeth in adult cats

как посчитать сколько кошке лет

Healthy cats have 30 permanent teeth, 16 on top and 14 bottom. Among them: 12 incisors, 10 molars (radical, Bicuspids), 4 canines (also known as predatory teeth ) and 4 main indigenous, or molar.
Correct bite cats - pincer (direct).

If you counted the teeth of his pet, it was less, it is not always reason to panic. For example, some cats never grow tools, while others before losing them. On the other hand, the cause of the tooth loss could be an infection in the mouth of the animal, deficiency or other internal diseases, the existence of which, perhaps you do not realize.

How many teeth has a cat depends on its age. Over time they wear out and fall out. This applies mainly to cutters, taking the brunt of the burden in the process of chewing food. But radical and molars are retained more than 2 decades. However, purebred cats are usually lifespan may be smaller than the other. But because the teeth have fall out a little earlier than their counterparts.

How to brush your teeth cat

в разном возрасте у кошки

Cats require regular brushing teeth. This needs to be done to prevent the emergence of Tartar, which is formed by the hardening of plaque. And he, in turn, occurs because food debris and bacteria.

Tartar is able to deliver your pet a lot of problems. The cat can appear the inflammation of the gums and other comorbidities. Running and not cured the disease can lead to tooth loss in the animal.

To avoid this, periodically let the cat to chew solid food, e.g. meat to chew on; a special bone for cats; dry food. Then the animal will be self-cleaning teeth.

In addition to this you can brush a cat's teeth yourself. This can be used, for example, soda and a little red wine. Reacts with baking soda, vinegar good breaks down plaque, if there are not many. Soaked in wine with a cotton swab, wipe the teeth of the animal. Then another swab, apply the baking soda, diluted with water to a mushy state. This procedure must be done carefully, otherwise there is a risk to injure the delicate gums of the animal.

In addition, brush your teeth cat tooth powder you can use a small baby toothbrush. But the correct way is to use a special brush and toothpaste for cats, which you can purchase at the pet store. And that your favorite did not resist the procedure of cleaning teeth from plaque, no harm will buy the toothpaste with the taste of the fish.