First and foremost, decide a brass wardrobe what type of heating you want most of all – gas or electric. Most electric ovens have more features and modes and are more convenient to operate than gas, because they are the most popular in recent times. However, remember that electric built-in oven consume large amounts of electricity and require wiring.
If your choice fell on a gas oven, be sure to ask immediately and a good hood.
Having defined the type of oven and find a place for it in the kitchen so that the cooking process would not need her to bend, stretch, Crouch, etc. standard Width oven is 60 cm
Before choosing recessed brass Cabinet consider what additional capabilities you need in the process of using the oven, and without which you could do. Remember that a lot depends on the price of home appliances. Of the most common additions to the ovens emit timer (which beeps or automatically shuts down the oven, cold door, pull out trolley, grill, core temperature probe for meat (with the help of this device you can check the temperature of the food during the cooking process), a filter to absorb grease and odors, convection, etc.
Find out what types of cleaning are used in any oven – catalytic or pyrolytic. For catalytic cleaning the oven inside are covered with a special enamel, which breaks down the fat in contact with it. This oven after use simply wipe with a dry cloth. However, the enamel eventually loses its properties, and to wash the oven will have the usual way. The pyrolytic cleaning the oven is self-cleaning using heat treatment. These ovens are more expensive and consume more energy.