Advice 1: What to do when a person is choking

There are times in life when the person in front of you begins to suffocate. And in this period it is very important not to get confused competently and to give him first aid. Otherwise it can easily lead to death. However, before you rush to the rescue, you need to understand how to help.
What to do when a person is choking
First and foremost, of course, you need to call an ambulance. Only doctors can adequately and competently assess the seriousness of the situation. However sit back not worth it. After calling emergency services should try to provide first aid.

Man suffocates when the air enters the lungs. And the reasons for this can be quite a lot. Therefore, you should try to figure out what triggered the problem.

Causes and symptoms

If the person can't breathe, with symptoms pointing to it, can be:
- severe shortness of breath;
- slurred speech or complete inability to speak;
- the appearance of wheezing or whistling when you inhale and exhale;
- fear of the victim;
- a rush of blood and bruising nasolabial triangle;
- loss of consciousness.
Quite often, if the person is conscious, he reflexively grabs for itself, the region of the throat, trying to facilitate and strengthen the process of breathing.

Causes of asphyxia may be:
- overlap the airway of blood, vomit, eager language, etc. (most often this may occur in trauma or epilepsy);
compression of the chest is also quite often leads to problems with breathing;
- gas poisoning, or other toxic substances, resulting in spasm;
- electric shock;
- artificial strangulation of any object – a belt loop, etc.;
- asthma or bronchitis at an advanced stage.

What to do

Look closely at the injured man. Try not to panic – the time you still have. If he's still able to speak or even to cry, try to calm him and to force to breathe through the nose. The best way to offer the affected person to stand and draw on any surface (this can be table, chair, shelf, etc.).
Trying to "Radicati" the victim in this situation, do not knock him on the back. Because if, for example, the cause was either a foreign body, you can therefore, only to drive him deeper inside.

If after this the person becomes easier, do not offer him some water. Because the throat and throat is still tense, and any interference can cause a new choking.

If the victim loses consciousness, gently lay it on its side on a flat surface (e.g. floor) and ensure that nothing blocked his airway. Hit him sharply between the shoulder blades so that a foreign object has shifted, and there was access of air to the lungs.

If improvement does not occur, and the situation becomes more critical, try to get the object, blocking the airway with your fingers. Just do it very carefully and only if you see it.

If the situation is too critical – the victim has lost a pulse, start artificial respiration.

Advice 2: What to do if electrocuted

Electric shock – electric shock – can occur in everyday life or during a thunderstorm, transport, industry or agriculture. The passage of electric current through body tissues causes local and General disorders. On the skin, in place of the input and output of electrical charge that burns occur mainly crater-shaped with obozrenie edges yellow-gray color. Wound can penetrate to the bone. Appears a disturbance in the nervous system, circulation and respiration. In severe cases, shock and sometimes death.

What to do if electrocuted
A priority of the assist by the electric shock is to stop the current action on the victim. It's off the circuit breaker or Unscrew the tubes, removing the electrical wires from the body using a stick or rope, etc.

After the release of the victim from the wires, you need to inspect it, treating wounds with an alcohol solution or a weak solution of potassium permanganate, impose sterile bandages.

The patient must drink an infusion of Valerian, drops Zelenina, to give a tablet of aminopyrine or dipyrone. It is also recommended to drink plenty of liquids (water, juice, tea), you should not drink alcoholic beverages and coffee.

Even in mild lesions with slight dizziness, headache or pain in the heart, the patient must immediately be taken to the hospital, and lying down and warm covering.

An electric shock, which caused respiratory arrest and "apparent death" by calling an ambulance, you need to do artificial respiration method "mouth to mouth" hold chest compressions. First aid if not breathing should begin within the first five minutes of the accident.

Burns in electrical injuries and are treated conservatively because the uncertainty of their borders and the great length of damaged blood vessels. In severe lesions, even the normal state of health in the first hours does not guarantee a positive treatment outcome. There are cases when the victims, who came from serious condition, after some time died.

The defeat of atmospheric electricity has a powerful (more than a million volts), but short discharge. Lightning causes more severe lesions, such as the isolation of individual body parts, charring, symmetrical movement disorders. Treatment is the same as with electrocution. When gently struck by lightning, if the person is just stunned, you need to spray the victim with water, RUB the limbs, chest and back alcohol solution, vinegar or water, to the nose cotton wool with liquid ammonia, applying mustard plasters on the calves of the legs.

All arrangements for first aid are made only after calling "emergency". In good health, the victim should see a medical professional.

Advice 3: What to do if the person you got

Some people are so Intrusive and unpleasant in communication, to meet and talk with them lost all desire. You can get rid of hassle. in various ways.
A boring colleague will have to get along
Ignore the individual who you extremely unsympathetic. Don't see him, don't answer his calls and messages. Pretend to be that person for you there. Sooner or later the individual has to understand that it does not wish to communicate, and to stop bothering you. If not, then you got a particularly stubborn person or a person who does not understand such subtle hints. In such situations you can try another way.
Sharply limit your communication with unpleasant individual. When you see him pretend you're in a hurry. Constantly refer to urgent matters. Answer in monosyllables, Yes or no, do not ask themselves any questions. Gradually, your dialogue will become a monologue, and people just will not be able to support it. Conversation runs out, and maybe the individual will realize that he is not interested in you. Do not maintain eye contact with the person. Look away at his feet. Talk with him on the phone. In every way show his contempt and employment. Of course, such treatment may hurt the individual, but he will be behind you once and for all.
If you nag the individual feels towards you strong sympathy, to get rid of it is not so simple. When you know what you are attracted to, you can change a specific trait of their character or appearance, and to adjust the behavior. Seeing you radically change your annoying fan can ice you, leave you alone and find a new object for his obsessive courtship. Be very careful with such people. Any manifestation of simple good human relations they are willing to accept for the promotion of their actions, and then they become more forceful. So it is important to be stressed cold and indifferent person.
Sometimes you got people that you can't just dismiss. For example, you are forced to communicate with him on duty, or you are bound by family ties. In this case, ignoring will look pretty strange, but rudeness is generally not worth going. You have two options: either to suffer in silence and try to distract myself with more pleasant thoughts, when you have to communicate with this individual or speak to him. Call the person on candid conversation and calmly explain that his behavior is unacceptable. Maybe you will be able to influence the individual and to establish a relationship with him. It all depends on how much you will be diplomatic.
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