Take the faith of her future husband. Before marriage, very often the woman has to change her religion to Islam. However, there are times when relatives do not set categorical and allows the bride to not accept their faith. Also essential to a wedding is the voluntary consent of the bride and her relatives.
Listen to the opinions of the guy. If you are going to marry Azerbaijani, Russian every girl needs to know that she will have to stay at home and run the household. Plus, the choice in clothing is always the husband. If young people are to live in the homeland of the guy, the girl is obliged to wear a headscarf that covers the face and head, with small slits for eyes.
Respect the principles of each other. Girl needs to listen to the guy and care for him in everyday life. Azerbaijanis, in turn, should care for and financially provide for your loved one.
Do not be jealous of a guy's wives. It often happens that the guy at home wife. In this case, he is obliged to adequately contain the first and the second wife with children. The couple can live in Russia with the change of the citizenship of her husband, and Azerbaijan with relatives.
Learn his native language. This is a prerequisite for marriage, as the girl will have a lot to communicate with many relatives of the guy.
Get used to the Azerbaijani food. As it is very spicy and fatty, you better get used to it before the wedding, because this nation in the blood of hospitality and they always throw a huge party.
Abstain from tobacco and alcoholic beverages. If the girl sometimes allow myself to smoke a cigarette and the other drinking a glass of wine or even a shot of vodka, while meeting and subsequent family life she will have to forget about their preferences. Children Azerbaijanis come first, because mothers should be fully healthy to bear an excellent offspring.
Marry according to Muslim traditions. Wedding must take place in the presence of two Muslim witnesses, in the absence of parents with one and other party. The bride must tie a headscarf for the ceremony.