Why women cry?

Uncontrollable tears women due to the physiology of the body. In the blood of women contains hanged concentration prolactin - the hormone responsible for the secretion of tears. Men, on the contrary, prevails in the body testosterone, which contributes to the suppression of their formation, so tears seem to them unnatural.

From the point of view of the psychology of the weaker sex are more open and emotionally liberated, and tears for them - it is the result of liberation from negativity and unpleasant thoughts.

Oversupply and accumulation of the pain associated with the unrest and difficulties in life, can cause, at first glance, uncontrollable, unreasonable tears. Actually all because of stress.
Never hold on to it. Please share your experiences with family and friends. Secrecy and emotional callousness can cause some serious cardiovascular diseases.

Tell the tears no!

To end the crying, you need to eliminate from the life of the cause that makes you cry. Maybe you lack confidence, you are very notorious man; perhaps someone was hurt, and your whole being lingering unspoken resentment.

Under any circumstances you the first thing you need to go to a psychologist that will help you to get to the root of the problem, give a practical advice for its solution and further Troubleshooting.
Don't be afraid to refer to specialists. If the problem is the place to be, we need to fight it. Do not miss any detail in the conversation with the psychologist, even if they seem ridiculous and insignificant.

In everyday life, if you feel that the atmosphere is strained to the limit, lump in my throat., but to shed some tears, try to ignore everything. Switch your attention to some imaginary object that gives you pleasure and makes you smile. Slowly, breathe slowly and deeply. It will calm your nerves. If you get a glass of water, then drink it slowly in small SIPS.
It would be nice to drink it in the morning during Breakfast, a few drops of tincture of motherwort or Valerian to avoid tense situations and not to shed tears.

How quickly you stop crying for nothing, depends on your will power. If you aim not look on people a wuss and a crybaby, you quickly learn to control myself.