State reason when I want to cry, can be based on different factors, so the fit individually to each separate case. So, for example, in women's eyes "on the wet spot" can be due to so-called premenstrual syndrome. In addition to the physiological discomfort in this period they may appear mild depression (for example, it may be in a bad mood), anxiety, insomnia, and the aforementioned desire to cry.
The reason may lie in the stress, for example, due to chronic fatigue or profound experiences. In such situations, try to relax. It is best if you temporarily change the setting for a few days and go somewhere. Change the types of the load: if your work involves physical labor, treat yourself to intense mental stress. From mental work, on the contrary, relax by using increased physical activity.
Perhaps the reason may be an emotional discharge because of the return on a subconscious level to the damage once the resentment or pain. The proof of this proposition can be found in the book called "the Psychology of the body" in which the author Alexander Lowen writes that tears can be compared with the Doge, and crying – storm, which purifies the air. According to him it tears are the primary method of stress relief, so they have therapeutic effects for people who are in a state of depression. In addition, tears provide the opportunity to get rid of the feeling of depression.
To understand what is the reason that you want to cry, try to listen to your feelings and your subconscious. So when our heart then it becomes easier, feels the peace and tranquility, most likely, it was just a surge of emotion, getting rid of them, you have removed the tension that was your conscious or subconscious burden. If after you have a good cry, feel like begin to enter into a state of depression, fear, and concern, to understand the situation in more detail, then visit a psychologist.