Advice 1: How to stop being a crybaby

Tears are the natural reaction of the human body on the disappointment, pain, resentment and even joy. Some scientists claim that crying is good for health. Psychologists also do not see this as a lesson, nothing wrong with that. But if the tears welling often for any even slight occasion, is to learn how to control their emotions.
How to stop being a crybaby
Tears in all times was considered the domain of women. Because women are more emotional than men, and perceive many things too close to heart. But doctors and psychologists do not see in the tears of men nothing wrong. Giving way to tears, every person, whether male or female, can get rid of negative emotions and obtain emotional release. Another thing, if you start to get upset and cry over nothing. Such bursts of emotions can play against you as themselves.

In society, as a rule, don't like whiny people. They are considered immature and emotionally unstable. That's why excessive crying you need to fight. The main thing – to understand its causes.

Why do people cry

Sometimes fragile emotional state is the result of diseases of the thyroid gland. In this case, you need to be examined by a doctor and undergo treatment. The main reason for tearfulness in women, for example, is increased blood levels of prolactin. This hormone is responsible for the production of breast milk and tears. Its excess can cause irritability and nervousness. To avoid this, it is necessary to pass survey at the doctor-endocrinologist.

Some people are emotional by nature, their desire to cry about everything doesn't depend on physical diseases. It's just a characteristic of the individual. Such people can never change completely, because increased sensitivity is an inherent property of their nervous system.

Another reason for tearfulness – the inability to quickly adapt to drastic changes in their lives. No matter bad or good change – any change in the environment may cause these people the stress and the urge to cry.

How to stop crying at the wrong time

If your crying is psychological, not physiological in nature, deal with it will be much easier. Just to make myself refocus and get away from the annoying object.

As soon as you feel that welling in his eyes tears start to hyperventilate. Thus try to avoid deep breaths so as not to cause a dizzy spell. Perform this breath practice until until you remove the nervous tension. If there will be drinking water, take a few SIPS and think about something pleasant.

Before you cry, imagine the cloud and read it through. Then imagine how it will fall to the ground blessed rain. This simple training is recommended by many psychologists. Its main task is the stabilization of the emotional state.

Sometimes tears are the result of emotional trauma. In this case it is not necessary to contain them. Spilling negative emotions out, you will protect your body from disease and premature aging.

Advice 2: How to stop crying

Tears is a defense mechanism. They help to relieve psychological stress. But frequent tears are a sign of depression or stress that consumed you. And in this case, they are not going to benefit, and only exacerbate the status quo.
How to stop crying

Why women cry?

Uncontrollable tears women due to the physiology of the body. In the blood of women contains hanged concentration prolactin - the hormone responsible for the secretion of tears. Men, on the contrary, prevails in the body testosterone, which contributes to the suppression of their formation, so tears seem to them unnatural.

From the point of view of the psychology of the weaker sex are more open and emotionally liberated, and tears for them - it is the result of liberation from negativity and unpleasant thoughts.

Oversupply and accumulation of the pain associated with the unrest and difficulties in life, can cause, at first glance, uncontrollable, unreasonable tears. Actually all because of stress.
Never hold on to it. Please share your experiences with family and friends. Secrecy and emotional callousness can cause some serious cardiovascular diseases.

Tell the tears no!

To end the crying, you need to eliminate from the life of the cause that makes you cry. Maybe you lack confidence, you are very notorious man; perhaps someone was hurt, and your whole being lingering unspoken resentment.

Under any circumstances you the first thing you need to go to a psychologist that will help you to get to the root of the problem, give a practical advice for its solution and further Troubleshooting.
Don't be afraid to refer to specialists. If the problem is the place to be, we need to fight it. Do not miss any detail in the conversation with the psychologist, even if they seem ridiculous and insignificant.

In everyday life, if you feel that the atmosphere is strained to the limit, lump in my throat., but to shed some tears, try to ignore everything. Switch your attention to some imaginary object that gives you pleasure and makes you smile. Slowly, breathe slowly and deeply. It will calm your nerves. If you get a glass of water, then drink it slowly in small SIPS.
It would be nice to drink it in the morning during Breakfast, a few drops of tincture of motherwort or Valerian to avoid tense situations and not to shed tears.

How quickly you stop crying for nothing, depends on your will power. If you aim not look on people a wuss and a crybaby, you quickly learn to control myself.

Advice 3: How to stop being too nice

The image of "good girl" with a childhood embedded in the heads of women. Often for failing to follow it the morals of the parents and a public reprimand. The result of the "right" education can be a heavy dependence on the opinions of others, which is expressed in the desire to be good always and for all. This quality is able to literally poison the lives of even adult women. Stop being too good is very important, and you need to make it on time.
Couldn't please everyone
Most likely, you long and diligently taught that to have your own desires and want to live for myself - Terry selfishness. You used to constantly sacrifice themselves for the sake of someone's good mood. Take a clean sheet of paper and write down ten of their desires. They should belong only to you, not your parents, friends or husband. Consider whether there is in them something bad, would they to hurt anyone? Unless you would have been worse if they came true?
With rare exception, the families cultivated the suppression of women's emotions. Women's anger is considered a completely inappropriate phenomenon, and from the cradle, women are told that they must be gentle and patient. Recognize that you have a right to feelings and emotions. Allow yourself to Express your feelings, for example, during an argument say, or write about what annoyed and angry.
To yourself you have a lot of requirements, but to others? How often do you suffer a boring company, boring conversations, bad coffee, draft? Learn how to directly and openly to talk about what you don't like. Confidently refuse not offerings. Nothing bad will happen. Do not tolerate rudeness in relation to itself, learn to fight back with witty phrases that are appropriate to the situation. Stop being too good is to set boundaries and not let anyone else to cross them.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Parents always easier to criticize for mistakes than to praise for achievements, so the "good girls" live with the eternal fear of disappointing those who are close. Try all that attractive, do not pay attention to criticism, stop to mourn the old relationship and start a new one. We all make mistakes, they won't make you worse. In addition, the experience is priceless.
Often give yourself time, be it beauty treatments, hobby, walk, or sleep. To make close people happy, only having been filled with happiness the most. No job on all the things at work and at home, they never end, thus feeding your guilt. Learn to accept help. Not solve the problem of family and friends in the material or temporal detriment.
Get ready for the negative reactions of others to your changed behavior and new lifestyle. After all, who had thought you were a convenient help, would now have to deal with you. Be patient and wait out this period. It will pass and you will have a delicious sense of freedom.
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