How to reduce the level of irritation

First you need to calmly talk with your husband and explain to him that the baby is crying because of the discomfort, pains in the tummy, a full diaper and for many other reasons, as a sucking child, just can not call parents to help. This may seem strange, but men really don't always understand that babies cry not because of our own whims or desires to annoy others.
Choose to talk of a time when your husband is in a good mood and able to listen to you. If irritation has already been accumulated, and man is angry, the conversation may not produce the desired result.

Try to make sure that the child was crying less. Timely change diapers, be sure to observe the feeding schedule, do a special massage to the baby was sick with the tummy. Organize the room so the baby felt safe and didn't cry when mom or dad are not around. At night, always bathe your baby using for cooking trays special soothing herbs. Talk with your doctor, you will learn what mix is right for your child. Thanks to these simple secrets, you can achieve that at night the baby will behave much more calmly and your spouse will be able to sleep and being so angry for crying.

It should also ensure that you are always at hand was the toy that helps to distract and calm the baby. Teach your husband to use them: he would be less angry if you realize that the child can quickly calm. You should also teach him the simple art of rocking the baby in her arms. This will help to strengthen the bond between a child and his father.

What to do if a man hate a crying baby

Help your spouse find ways to calm down quickly. You can try 7-10 times to take a deep breath and exhale. Another option is to quickly take it out on any subject, and then with a smile to approach the child and try to comfort him.
You should not be angry with your husband because the baby's crying irritated him. Such a reaction is quite natural and understandable, especially if superimposed on severe fatigue. Not quarrel over this, not to aggravate the situation.

Organize the house room with excellent soundproofing. Let it be a place where you can quickly go to calm down and take a break from crying babies. If you do encounter such a problem, the room can be used in turns: while one parent calms the child, the second resting in silence.