Doing sports walking, people in two hours and spends about 500 calories that allows you to remove 0,1 mm of fat. Just leading a sedentary life, do not worry about the completeness of his feet.
To train the front of the thighs with this exercise. Become straight, hands on hips, feet shoulder width apart. Alternately bend one leg at the knee, shifting the weight of the torso towards the bent leg. 10-20 times, repeat the exercise.
Another exercise for the front of the thigh. The same stand as in the previous exercise. Do lunges with squats to one leg, then another. Repeat 20 times.
To strengthen the calves of the legs and back of thighs exercises with a chair. You need to put the chair and do deep squats, touching the seat of the chair, but not sitting on it. To stay in position "sitting" it is necessary to 3 seconds. Try to keep your back straight as possible and bend the knees forward. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times necessary.
Performing the following exercise, you really burn fat on legs. Get on all fours, but his legs and keep your arms straight. Move forward, simultaneously raising first the left arm and leg and then the right. Knees do not bend, otherwise the exercise will not have a useful effect on the muscles of the legs. During this exercise, try to lower the head, the body must be relaxed. Do forward five steps, and then in the same position come back.
Sit on the floor, pull your legs to your chest and hug them with both hands. Then, begin to slowly lean back trying to keep his balance. The next step will be a quick return to the starting position, knees at the same time to let go is not necessary. The exercise should be repeated up to 6 times. Taking the initial position, begin to veer left and right, to the floor not to touch. Do the exercise several times. This will remove the fataccumulation of marketing and will promote blood flow to the spine.