If you want to remove sagging on the legs, first prefer intense exercise. Bringing the legs into the desired shape, you will be only slightly to maintain them in good shape, with exercise 20 minutes three times a week.
Please note that cellulite and sagging tissue on the legs and buttocks help ordinary jump rope, hula Hoop, is a Hoop, Cycling, Jogging and swimming. Select any workout and constantly engage them. After a month of regular exercise your legs significantly transformed.
If you like morning exercises, then you can use the following exercises. Stand on your feet, make 15-20 slopes of the body forward and sideways. A few seconds jump up and down on his toes, do 10-15 sit-UPS, and then within a few minutes to do the circular movements of the hips.
Get on all fours, keeping his hands and hips on the same level. Alternately pull the foot back, raising them to maximum height and holding at the top for a few seconds.
Sit on the floor, legs pull forward. Simultaneously turn the feet both feet inside while squeezing the buttocks.
Lie on your back, hands on hips. Slowly lift your straight legs up, holding them together, and fiksiruesh in this position for 10-15 seconds. Try not to stretch your hands to the floor.
Add to your diet more fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts. From drinks prefer fresh juices, green tea and non-carbonated mineral water.
Try to reduce the number of chips, crackers, rolls and other fast food. Sweets can be replaced with dried fruit. Instead of animal fats use vegetable, for example, top a salad with olive/sunflower oil, not mayonnaise. From grilled and smoked is better and even refuse, at least for a while.
Start to take a contrast shower every morning. It perfectly evokes the body and gives it vigor. Besides, this shower eventually able to eliminate almost any skin problem, even stretch marks and loose skin.
Don't forget about the creative approach, smile and attitude with a bit of humor to everything. Can add or subtract to the program of transformation of something. Or some way to diversify it. For example, lying in the bath, make "Bicycle".