To begin configuration go to start, then "control Panel", and select network connections. Right-click the adapter for which you want to configure the gateway, then click in the popup menu "Properties".
Open the "Network" tab. Under "Components used by this connection" to change protocols.
Open the "Internet Protocol TCP/IPv4" and click on "Properties" to change the IP. You will be prompted to choose automatically obtain IP address and DNS server addresses, and configure these options manually.
Setting the receive address automatically, you make your gateway the DHCP server. If you configure" manually, your default gateway will be the IP address that you entered.
After configuring the gateway, add routes on the network using command line. To open it, open start, click Run, and enter cmd in the window that appears.
Make new routes as follows: route-p add [destination] [mask subnet mask<] [>gateway] [metric metric<] [if >interface<]>, where the destination IP address, the subnet mask is set automatically -, gateway will be the IP address matching the router, the metric should be the smallest, and the interface index, you need to determine by typing in the command prompt route print. You can skip this parameter and it is automatically determined, thanks to the gateway address.