If you want to create a local network between a stationary computer with Internet access and a laptop, use a Wi-Fi adapter. This can be either an external USB device or the internal adapter that connects to a PCI slot on the motherboard.
Purchase a Wi-Fi adapter and connect this equipment to the computer. Install in accordance with the enclosed instructions the software needed to configure. Turn on the Wi-Fi adapter. After that, open the computer control panel "control Center network and sharing". Select "Manage wireless networks".
Click "Add". Specify a name for your future network. Select from the system options the best type of security. However, in this case you can use Open type because more than one device to Wi-Fi adapter, you still can't connect. To confirm other types of safety you will have to enter the administrator password.
Refer to the settings of the wireless network that you created. Click "Properties" when you select the item "Internet Protocol TCP/IPv4 (or TCP/IPv6). Type in the value of a static IP address, for example,
Turn on the laptop and connect to the wireless network created by the adapter. Go to setup this connection. Select the following values for "Internet Protocol TCP/IP" - the IP address- - subnet Mask – sets the system default gateway - - DNS-server -
Open on a desktop "control Center network and sharing". Find the menu "Access". Enable shared Internet access by checking the box next to the appropriate item. Select and specify the wireless network. After that, activate the Internet connection.