To create a new e-mail, you need to go to any free email site. An example is Yandex mail,,, etc. In the upper right-left corner of the page or in the middle at the top you will see the symbol "mail", "create account" or "register". Press on the desired button, and go to the page with the registration form.
Now you need to fill in all fields, especially marked with a red asterisk. Name and surname must be always present, but the patronymic is not required. Give a name to your mailbox. This can be an interesting word, your name, your company name. Then consider password. It must be difficult to reliably protect your mail. Well when your password consists of a set of large and small letters and numbers. Write it down in his notebook, not to forget.

Some mailers require you to provide your date of birth and to protect your password a secret word. In that case, follow according to instructions. Do not forget to specify additional information about themselves. After you get a new email address, you can use a special settings your personal data and make them invisible to all.
By clicking on the button "register" you accept the terms of use of the postal service. More about them you learn, if you click on the highlighted line under the registration button.

So you managed to get a new e-mail. Almost immediately after that you will receive the first email from the website with congratulations and wishes of successful work in the mail program. Now you can write letters, send video, audio and photo files or proceed to create another email address on another mail site. After all, you know how to do it properly.