Jogging rules for those seeking to lose weight

To start and run gradually, each time adding a little bit of time. So you gradually accustom your body to a useful lesson, without hurting him. If you are in poor physical shape, for the first time Jogging should not exceed the time limit of 15 minutes, but after a few weeks it is necessary to run at least an hour, otherwise you will not be able to get rid of extra pounds.

More resilient people and those who are in excellent physical shape, it is better to run about 40-45 minutes. Scientists have proven the fact that the fat begins to burn only after 30 minutes of intense running.
While running, be sure to listen to your feelings – if you feel bad, better to replace your Jogging fast walking.

To lose weight while running is also very important to alternate the intensity. You can, for example, to run 10 minutes in a weak pace, and then 5 minutes accelerated as much as possible. That is why those who are struggling with excess weight, it is best to run in a hilly area and not on a flat road.

It is believed that for weight loss correct Jogging in the morning then the body burns calories much faster. The best time – from 6 to 8 am. However, every body is different, so to determine the time of Jogging should be your own, based on their well-being.

It is also very important to run at least 4 times a week, otherwise the effect of exercise will not be as noticeable on the figure. Daily Jogging is more suited for those seeking, in addition to weight loss, strengthen your immune system.
The daily running is very important to follow the rules above, otherwise the body used to the workload and fat burning will be much slower.

Additional measures for weight loss

Jogging is undoubtedly useful for health and figure. However, in order to quickly lose weight, it is important to observe the rules of healthy eating. The first step is to abandon any fast food, carbonated drinks and flour products. Also useful are small amounts, but not less than 4 times a day.

After running you should not immediately rush to the fridge and eat chocolate with a clear conscience – the consumption of more calories than you burned during the run, will not lead to the cherished goal. It is best to wait an hour or at least 30 minutes, and then to satisfy his awakened hunger vegetable salad, boiled meat or fish.