The benefits of walking on the back foot

Such kind of Thai massage lies in the fact that the expert "walks bare feet on the back. During this session develops, and relaxes all at the tips of the feet and tips of the fingers and to the top of the head. The session lasts up to three hours, depending on the objectives pursued. During this type of massage start working and get blood flow to all areas of the body, which in normal times are not involved in the movement. These sites result in low activity may experience stagnation of blood and numbness. During this procedure it is possible to obtain the lightness throughout the body and satisfactory relaxation. This massage is an important stimulating and therapeutic effect.

Positive results of such exposure include the following: increase mobility of the spine, joints, and ligaments; improving blood and lymphatic systems; improving the supply of oxygen from the lungs to the different parts of the body and limbs by improving circulation; smooth elimination of toxins from the body; improving the shape, weight and relieving stress and anxiety. In addition, if you know how and where to push, how hard to do the push, this procedure is completely painless and brings tangible effect.

The disadvantages of this type of massage

In this pleasant procedure has its drawbacks. It should be remembered that such a journey is fraught with any unexpected consequences. In the presence of such diseases as osteochondrosis or intervertebral hernia such activities should stop immediately, as this may cause irreparable harm. If the massage is done by professionals, you should follow the question of the presence of certain contraindications, which are described above. Always people will be exposed to massage responsibilities.

Walking on the back foot can lead to enormous benefits and substantial bonuses to health and irreparable harm. So people remember if they have any other diseases associated with the back, spine. If there is, it is not recommended to risk as nobody can say for sure about the effects of this massage for man. Health jokes are bad, therefore we must be very prudent and not to make any hasty decisions.