Express your feelings in actions. Men don't like long explanations about feelings and emotions. They are best left between friends. If you feel gratitude or romantic impulse, better do for him what he wanted. Make a favorite dish for dinner, buy tickets to a match of his beloved team.
Tell him how you and him happy. Men often think the reason for the breakup constant dissatisfaction girlfriend. Even if she has problems at work or conflict with her parents, her sour face he sees on his account. But if the dissatisfaction becomes the predominant emotion women, the man starts looking for escape routes. It is very important to know that it is for you – support and salvation, and not the obstacle to happiness.
Appreciate his achievements. Many women seem stupid phrase "I love you and it (for punctuality, reliability, tenderness)". Girls believe that love should not put conditions. This is true, but men sometimes need to make the girl appreciated his actions, and his social achievements, and the attributes of prestige, which he has (cars, "toys", etc.). Express your enthusiasm for all his achievements in these moments you can admit to any feelings, he'll appreciate it much more than without such a reason.
Problems discuss briefly and to the point. If you suffer from irritation or you are in anger from the problems that have accumulated, first, to blow off steam in conversations with women or with a psychologist. Then develop the solution, create a short statement of the nature of the issue, justify their decision logically. And with such a short conversation go to a man. They are afraid of detailed discussions with tears, scandals and emotions. It's easier for them to quickly discuss and find a solution and not to return to the issue in the future.