To show their sympathy to the man, of course, possible and necessary, otherwise you risk never initiate a relationship with the shy, but devilishly attractive guy. However, it should be done carefully. A lot of guys, even among those who love bold, contemporary girls in the shower maintains traction to the Princess, you want to win.
The most simple and at the same time, an effective way to show your sympathy is to smile. Smile at him and show all kind of what meeting with him brings you joy. Your smile will not only tell about your crush, but will cause a response of sympathy from the object of your attention.
To Express his sympathy, and it is possible at all. For some guys it is extremely effective is the method of "hidden compliment". Hearing such a compliment in his address, no man will not remain indifferent. More than about your words and about you personally, he will think, the more interest you will cause. Only do not use this weapon often, one compliment is enough.
Tell the guy about his sympathy directly. However, there are tricks. Too straightforward to say in the forehead: "I like You". From such a loss. Say: "I like that you're so reliable (smart, brave, funny)". On the one hand, the goals you have reached – his sympathy declared. On the other – then gave him a reason to smash his head do you like only some specific trait, or his whole personality as a whole. And that awakens his reciprocal interest in you.