Adjust your weight. Excess weight in men leads to the fact that the body begins to produce increased amounts of the female hormone estrogen. The normal levels of estrogen in men is very low, but in obesity it increases production so much that suppressed the formation of the male hormone testosterone. Exactly what low testosterone is the first and most common cause of impotence.
The main amount of testosterone in the male body is produced in the testes. They are not accidentally outside the body and are found in the scrotum. For normal spermatogenesis, the temperature of testes must be lower than the overall body temperature by 1-1. 5 degrees. So try not to wear too tight underwear made of synthetic fabrics. Do not abuse bathroom privileges. Do not overheat your genitals. Too tight jeans and a sedentary job can also cause impotence.
Refrain from drinking alcohol. Alcohol inhibits the formation of testosterone. Perhaps a one-time libation will not lead to a drop in libido, but regular abuse is guaranteed to stop the production of testosterone.
The constant use of beer in large quantities also leads to a decrease in potency. Beer contains a large number of plant analogue of female hormones – phytoestrogens. In response to the increasing level of female hormones decreases the level of male. Next natural reaction: reduced potency and obesity of the female type.
Reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked, and ideally give up Smoking as a whole. Tar contained in tobacco smoke destroys the blood vessels. Overall, this impairs blood supply to the pelvic organs and leads to erectile dysfunction.
Bring in your normal routine. Chronic sleep deprivation leads to hormonal disbalance in the body. As a result – reduction of testosterone production. Scientists have proved that normal functioning people should have regular sleep of 7.5 hours. The key word is regularly. Do not expect to sleep off the weekend for the whole week. Your potency is not help.
The higher the level of sex hormones in the blood of men is celebrated in the morning. So don't miss the opportunity to have sex in the morning. Set the alarm half an hour early and give pleasure to yourself and your partner. Regular sex promotes the normal production of sex hormones and helps to maintain sexual activity for a long time.
Stress – the main enemy of the normal potency. Any stressful situation can cause decrease in libido a long time. Learn to deal with stress: take a course in counseling to be able to cope with their problems.
The best way of dealing with stress is physical activity. After a good workout blood comes in endorphins and serotonin, which helps improve mood. Following these hormones of joy is tightened and testosterone. It makes your muscles strong, your heart strong, and the libido - sustainable.
Athletic workouts, such as running, swimming, active sports and games, increase blood flow to the pelvic organs and contribute to the normalization of potency.