Fortunately, impotence problems can be avoided if to establish the correct diet. Beloved wife can cook this dish, which will have a positive effect on a man. Importantly, to products that increase the potency, is present in the diet constantly.

What food improves male potency

In your diet a man must include eggs. They can be chicken or quail. Eggs contain many useful for men's health microelements and vitamins. Enough in the morning to eat an omelet or scrambled eggs. Preparation will not take much time and the result will not keep itself waiting. To reinforce the action of foods, you can add green onions, parsley, and even celery. After all, they are already long-known aphrodisiacs.

Most vegetables have a positive effect on the potency of men. Experts recommend vegetable salads and season with a mixture of olive oil and garlic. Various cheeses and dairy products must be in the diet.

Boiled fish, shrimp and oysters have always been a great stimulant to raise libido. Don't forget about nuts combined with honey. And such spices as cloves, saffron or ginger can make a romantic evening unforgettable.

Meat products also should not be forgotten. Particularly well affect the potency of meals of bovine eggs. They are boiled, add the eggs and various spices. The result is a real cocktail to raise male power, which came to Russia from the Caucasian cuisine.

What foods negatively affect potency

In order to maintain male power, is to abandon all kinds of fast foods: hamburgers, French fries. No nutrients these dishes bring, and can lead to decreased libido and weight gain.

Should be excluded from the diet quick carbohydrates: sugar, white bread. Without sugar it is possible to do, replacing it with honey or dried fruit. It should also be remembered that excessive consumption of salt negatively affects virility. It can be replaced with natural spices based on onion, garlic, parsley. And most importantly, it is necessary to minimize or eliminate the consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is a myth that they increase libido.

If man is to follow the advice in nutrition, it is very long be able to please his beloved.