The most common cause of ear pain are inflammatory processes that can occur in the external auditory canal or auricle. Often, the inflammation moves into the tympanic cavity, the eardrum, auditory tube or cell of the mastoid process.

If you have an aching, shooting pain in the ear or you feel congestion hearing impaired, immediately contact an otolaryngologist. In inflammatory diseases of the body temperature can rise to 39-40oC.

To carry out self-medication is very dangerous. The inner ear is in close proximity to the brain, and incorrectly chosen tactics of treatment the inflammation may go to the Dura.

The pain may occur sharply at night, when there is no possibility to see a doctor. In this case you can call an ambulance and go to hospital where you will provide expert assistance. In extreme cases, insert into the ear passages turundeki, Bourne soaked in alcohol, but in the morning be sure to consult a specialist.

Do not attempt to attach to the patient's ear warm. In many cases it may be contraindicated, such as acute purulent otitis.

In addition to ear pain, you may have a stuffy nose, as often otitis media is the result of colds. In this case drip into each nostril two or three drops of a vasoconstrictor. This will help drain fluid and somewhat reduce the pain in the ear.

The audiologist will conduct a medical examination, if necessary, prescribe tests. In acute otitis media will prescribe antibiotics in pill or injection. The dose and form of the drug selected by the doctor based on medical examination results. The use of antibiotics alone is not recommended.

Often in acute purulent otitis media treatment in a hospital. After the body temperature returns to normal, the acute phase of the disease will be left behind, you will prescribe a course of physiotherapy treatment.