First aid

The first symptoms of food poisoning can appear within 30-50 minutes after a meal, but sometimes poisoning appears later – in a few hours. The time of appearance of symptoms depends on the type of poisoning.
The most important thing when poisoning is to help the victim and take actions that will allow you to minimize the damage to his health.

Symptoms of poisoning are vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, severe abdominal pain. Also temperature rises, there is a General weakness and dizziness. In poisoning, it is desirable to quickly bring the toxin from the body, so it does not poison the person. Quick relief and taking the right drugs can eliminate the risk of complications.

Under normal food poisoning often recommended activated charcoal, which absorbs part of the poisons, not allowing them to be absorbed in the intestine and enter the body. Before taking this medication, however, it is necessary to make gastric lavage, preferably with warm water at room temperature.


The patient must lay in bed and turn her head to the side. This is to avoid the risk of getting vomit in the respiratory tract. In addition to activated charcoal, the patient must take the drug, which reduces inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines – for example, "Galavit". You can also use other antispasmodic drugs that relieve spasm and relieve symptoms.
To take medication after the poisoning should be only in accordance with the instructions.

To eliminate the symptoms, there are also some medications. For example, "Enteral" will help to get rid of the diarrhea that often occurs during toxicity. Well can help to "Loperamide" or "Neointestopan". In poisoning also accepted and antimicrobial drugs. For Example, "Sangviritrin".

Among other widely used drugs probiotics to restore intestinal flora. Good drugs are "Probifor", "hilak Forte", "Bifidumbacterin", etc. these tools allow you to restore the balance of beneficial and pathogenic microflora in the intestine and eliminate some of the negative effects that can appear during intoxication.

Meals after poisoning

After poisoning, it is advisable to refrain from eating heavy meals prior to restoring good health and removing all toxins from the body. During the day drink at least two liters of fluid. It is not necessary to use water with gas is a good fit ordinary drinking boiled water or slobozhany tea (without sugar).

If there is no symptoms of vomiting, you can also make low-fat soups, purees, porridge and gradually enter into the diet of steamed and boiled foods. Be sure to eat cheese and crackers, which are good absorbents and will help remove toxins from the body and to restore balance of minerals and help to get rid of problems with a chair.