When the first signs of poisoning should be restricted to all possible movements of the patient. You can then proceed to the cleansing of the stomach to substances that caused the condition came out. Tested and the best remedy – activated charcoal. It should always be in the home medicine Cabinet. Food poisoning, the patient should take the pills based on body weight. Thus, on 10 kg of weight have one pill. A simple wash down the medicine with boiled water.

A weak solution of potassium permanganate wash to disinfect the stomach and to reduce the suffering of the patient. Soon, the nausea needs to retreat, but that is no reason to stop treatment. To quickly get rid of food residue, it is possible to self-induce vomiting. Unpleasant and painful process of gastric lavage will be the basis for the early recovery of the patient.

What to do for food poisoning, everyone should know. Experts recommend a systematic update of the home kit. At hand should always be of a medicinal product "first aid" - "Smecta", "Nosh-PA", "Polifepan", "Rehydron", etc.
It should be noted that the patient needs complete rest. To ease the painful condition on your temples and forehead can be applied soaked in cold water towel.

If acute symptoms (diarrhoea, vomiting) food poisoning passed, the patient needs to sleep. After 3-4 hours should become easier, depending on the severity of the poisoning. But this does not mean full recovery. It should also drinking more plain water, which will gradually remove the remains of toxic substances.

Types of poisoning

Alcohol poisoning – first aid in the form of heavy drinking. If no improvement you should call the emergency ambulance.

If poisoning drugs should drink plenty of weak solution of potassium permanganate. A solution of baking soda will help if the cause of poisoning was methyl alcohol.

Soda solution is contraindicated in poisoning by acids. In this case, the best cure will be activated carbon or Glauber's salt (1 Cup water, 1 tablespoon of the substance).

Useful tips

On the first day after the poisoning, the patient must observe rest. In any case it is not necessary to attack the food as soon as it became easier. In this case requires a special diet.

The first day you should abandon the consumption of fried and stewed dishes, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Some chicken broth, crackers and sweet tea is the best food after suffering poisoning. On the second day the patient is allowed the use of porridge, cooked in water with salt and sugar. Continue to be excluded junk food.