You will need
  • - Certificate from the traffic police of involvement in the accident in the form of 748;
  • - The Protocol and the Decision of the administrative violation;
  • - Statement to the insurance company about the insured event;
  • - Notice of an accident;
  • - Copy of passport of the owner of the vehicle and power of attorney for litigation (if the vehicle drove by proxy at the time of the accident);
  • - Vehicle registration certificate (registration certificate);
  • - Driver's license;
  • - Account details to transfer the insurance indemnity.
To obtain insurance reimbursement under the policy of insurance to the injured party to act will have immediately upon the occurrence of an accident. This is the case if the fault of the other side is obvious. If the case is controversial, it is required to act for both parties. You need to install witnesses. To do this, use the mobile phone camera to shoot her numbers of passing cars and parked. Write down the names and phone numbers of witnesses. In case of doubt, the witnesses of the accident will help establish the true culprit, which will give an opportunity to the injured party to obtain insurance money.
Call the traffic police and inform the Manager of your insurance company about the accident. It can give additional recommendations. Together with other participants of the accident, complete the Notice of accident, attached to the insurance policy and sign to each other for instance, if the event of an accident is moot. If the culprit is obvious, the Notice fills the injured party.
In day of accident it is necessary to help the traffic police in the form of 748 with a description of any visible damage to the vehicle and the alleged perpetrator of the accident. Before making a final conclusion about the perpetrators and victims of the accident investigations are conducted when a poll for all participants and witnesses of the accident. At the end of the work of the panel of inquiry on the basis of the conclusion of the administrative Commission shall issue a Decision on administrative violation, which shall include the perpetrator and the victim in the accident.
Important point: it is not necessary to wait for getting a Resolution and to go to the insurance company all the documents. By law, you are required to claim insurance within 15 calendar days. Missing documents can bring then. Make a registry your uploaded documents, it is also advisable to make photocopies in case of loss.
Another important point: if you operated the car by proxy, you will have to issue a notarized power of attorney from the owner of the vehicle to receive the insurance indemnity.
After you submit the necessary documents, the insurance company within 5 days appoints the date of the examination. It is useful for you would be to know in advance in the service estimated cost to repair the car. But in any case before the examination can not start repairing the vehicle. The examination is conducted at the expense of the insurer. In the event you disagree with the amount, you have the right to conduct an examination in another licensed firm-the appraiser. In this case, the cost expert services, you pay yourself. On re-examination you should notify the insurance company as well and the culprit about the place and time of its holding.
The payment of compensation under the CTP insurance company must be made within 30 days of receipt of all documents and certificates for the insured event by means of transfer (transfer to your Bank account). According to the Rules of the insurance benefit is paid taking into account wear of the TC as a percentage of the sum of expert assessments. From 1 September 2010, Russia adopted a single system of calculating the depreciation of the vehicle, so you'll be able to check the correctness produced by the insurance company payments.