The basis for the embroidery is sturdy wooden frame with a stretched fabric on it – just as the wooden Board is the basis of scenic icons. Position horizontal frame for embroidery and do not move her in the process. Frame preparation is the first stage of the work.
The second stage consists in selecting suitable fabric, you will pull on the frame. The choice of canvas depends on what technique you will work, and if you are going to fill the whole canvas embroidery, choose linen or calico. If embroidery will be visible colored background, use the silk and velvet, beneath which stretched the lining fabric to give it strength.
Pulling the canvas to the frame and securing it well, proceed to the third stage – transfer to the fabric pattern that you will embroider. It can be applied directly to the fabric and attach the paper pattern to the fabric, and then stitch small hand stitches through the contours of the figure, and then remove the paper.
In the next phase of work, after the pattern already outlined on the canvas, select thread for embroidery. Embroidery icons only fit silk thread silk embroidery has a beautiful shimmer and shimmers in the light, decorating the icon, and embroiderer can vary the angle of each stitch to change the angle of light reflection from the embroidery.
At this stage you need to start embroidery, and here you have to choose different techniques applying stitches to the fabric, most suitable for various fragments of the picture. Use a seam "split" for heavy sewing, embroidering straight or twisted thread to change the texture of the canvas.
Embroidering clothing and the folds of the fabric in the picture, use a twisted thread of greater thickness, and embroidering the faces of the Church, use the thinnest silk. Seam "split" is only valid for the present embroidery icons – all other seams divide the image into fragmented stitches, and the icon must be solid and inseparable.
In Church embroidery filling leaf with a silk thread also is complemented with beading and pearls that can be used for a rich salary of the icon.
In the last step of the embroidery from the wrong side cover with mixture of flour and mustard that will stick by her and protect from harmful influences. Then, after waiting for drying of the paste, remove the hard embroidery from the frame and place it under the glass.