You will need
  • Embroidery, frame, cardboard, glue.
Decide on the frame shape, e.g. rectangular embroidery good frame, repeating its shape, to oval oval work frame, and round – round. Select the color of the future framework, which would be a great addition to your embroidery, it is necessary to consider the combination of story and style framework.
Wash embroidery and allow it to dry a bit so that it was slightly damp.
Iron it face down on a Terry towel.
If desired, the embroidery can be podkreplyalisj to give it rigidity, it can be done with a special spray-spray which will evenly distribute the solution of starch by the embroidery.
Prepare in advance a piece of cardboard of desired size.
Apply on a piece of cardboard special glue, it should be applied in the form of a grid, to be able with vremnem detach your embroidery and, if necessary, to wash her.
Put the embroidery on a piece of cardboard and gently flatten it.
Can trim the edges of the embroidery or gently secure them with a thread, then you will have the opportunity to put the embroidery in a frame of a different size.
To the glass frame did not flatten the embroidery, place small pieces of cardboard between the frame and embroidery.Place the work in a frame, covering it with a cardboard back, this will give a embroidered picture of the completed look.Your work is completed and it remains only to attach on the back piece of cardboard with an eyelet, to be able to attach it on the wall. Gift is ready. Left to pack and present it to the person whom it was intended...