You will need
  • - computer with Windows;
  • program Partition Magic.
To format any local partition (the partition where no operating system installed), you must do the following. Go to "My computer". Next, click on hard disk partition, right-click, then will arise the context menu.
In this menu, click "Format". After that, a window will appear where you can select formatting options. Under "File system" click the arrow and select which file system will be formatted this section. Note that for operating systems Windows Vista and Windows 7 the only available system is NTFS. Then select the checkbox "Quick cleaning, smoothing" and click "Start". Will start the formatting process. After a few seconds, a notification will appear that the disk is formatted.
As for system disks, the situation looks different. A simple way of formatting will not help. The system simply will not allow to destroy itself. To format you need the program Partition Magic. Download one of her latest versions. Install the software on a hard disk of the computer.
Run Partition Magic. In its main menu is a window that lists all your hard disk partitions. Check the system drive by clicking the letter with the left mouse button (default is drive C). Now on top of the toolbar, select "Section". There will be additional menu.
In this menu select "Format" and then in the window that appears - type section. It's the same thing and the file system. In Windows you must select either FAT or NTFS. Other versions that will be on this list is file system for the Linux operating system. Then click OK and wait for the operation to complete.