To format the hard drive directly from Windows XP is possible only if it is removable, and it does not contain the system files necessary for OS operation. Go to the folder "My computer" and right click the mouse on the name connected to the system a removable hard drive, selecting "Format". Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the operation.
To format the primary system drive you must restart the computer. Make sure that you have saved on removable media, all data since the formatting they will all be removed. During boot press DEL to enter the BIOS. Specify as a first step boot computer CD-ROM or other media with the operating system files that are installation. Following the instructions on the screen to get to the stage of formatting the hard drive.
Please specify the section which will set the system formatting. For example, you can divide your hard drive into two or more partitions, each of which will have an operating system installed a particular version, and then able to switch between them during the boot process of the computer.
Select the file system under which to work will need a hard disk partition after formatting. You can specify FAT32 or NTFS. The latter is more reliable for Windows XP, however, if the configuration of your computer is weak, select FAT32.
Once prompted, press the F button on the keyboard to confirm the format operation. Wait for the process to finish and verify the installation of the system continued. If you experience any errors, restart your computer and try formatting the disk with other parameters.