Format partition hard drive leads to complete Erasure of information stored on it. If you have any drive, allowing you to access the command prompt or DOS mode of the computer, insert it in the drive and turn your PC on. After downloading the command line enter the command disklist to see a list of existing partitions. Specify the letter for the one that you want to format.
Type format C: and press Enter. This example is the letter of the desired topic. Wait for message that operation completed successfully.
Another way to remove information from system local disk to install the new OS. To do this, use the Windows installation disc. After opening a menu selecting the partition to continue installation, select the one that need to be cleaned. In the next window, select "Format in NTFS" and confirm the start of the process.
When working with an installation disc of Windows Seven can not only format the desired partition, and change its settings, namely: to extend the volume, delete it, to connect the several sections into a single local disk.
Another option for formatting the system partition of the hard drive – connecting it to another computer. This method allows you to run the operating system from other Winchester, and to perform any operations with partitions of your disk. In that case, if your operating system cannot boot, you can copy your important information on another partition. Use this method if you are unable to access the necessary information using your computer.