You will need
  • - Partition Manager.
In the case where you want to configure the hard disk before installing the operating system, use the Partition Manager. Download the version of this utility suitable for your operating system.
Install Partition Manager and run the program. Click the right mouse button on the section of the diskyou want to erase and click "Format." Select the file system. Specify the cluster size, better use the option "default").
Click "format" to start cleaning the selected partition. Restart the computer after cleaning the disc. Begin operating system installation on a prepared section.
If you have no need for accurate adjustment of the disk, just start the installation of the operating system. Using step-by-step menu of the OS installation, get to Windows, select the partition hard disk.
If you install the Windows XP operating system, specify the same partition on which you want to install the OS. Select the option to Format in FAT32" or " NTFS...". Press the F button to confirm your selection and start the formatting process. After its completion, will automatically continue to install Windows XP on this partition.
When you install Windows Seven or Vista, click "customize disk" window appears select the partition. Select any local drive and click "Format." The process will take a few seconds.
If you want to change the file system format, first press the "Delete" button. Now click on the "Create" button. Select the file system type and specify the size of the future disk. Now continue to install the operating system on a formatted or any partition of the disk.