Moral superiority necessarily

The main rule – always tell the truth. The unpleasant truth is hard to listen to. Your abuser will not be able to argue convincingly, since all your words are true, but to snap, to scream and get hysterical – as they want. The Mat in this situation would not be half so insulting.

If your abuser is gossiping behind people's backs, tell us about it in the company of friends in common, especially if the gossip referred to one of them. Your abuser will be ready to sell the soul to disappear from this company.
If the person you want to humiliate, emotional, best to humiliate him in public. This will protect you and besides, will have a tremendous effect.

Use of the sick and infirm places your abuser. Every person has a nasty, painful topic. Lead the conversation to them. If necessary, plan the conversation in advance. But if you don't have to climb his words, improvise.

The person almost always can be called backward

List his or her faults. Create a situation where your abuser will not be able anywhere you go, and then bombard its drawbacks. Especially pushing to the shortcomings that hinder social life, work, and entourage. Don't invent non-existent, talk about the objective, it hurt mentally. However, even the hint that the man is lagging behind in development or is mentally handicapped can touch even the most intelligent or savvy people.

Sexual insults are very derogatory. A man is called impotent, the woman is frigid. Best such insults screwed into normal conversation. If you have enough experience and intelligence, you disguise them. Veiled insults, obscure half of those present are gradually, causing a lot of pain. Such insults for a long time to sit in the head and can ruin personal life for quite a long time.
If you started your company in order to humiliate someone, don't go limp halfway. It may look like you're scared or retreated, and can cause a lot of harm to your reputation.

Ignore the offender, do not greet when meeting, to pretend that he's not here. Ignoring works for everyone, especially for people who consider themselves irresistible and soul of the company. And the more a person is inclined to hysteria, the more unpleasant it will be for such neglect.

Play with him in "silence". Do not reply to it or its replica, does not condescend to answer to insults. Imagine that victory in this game is very important to you (and it really is). Such tactics seriously wounded pride.