The impact of self-assessment

Quite often offended by women thinking about how to humiliate the representative of the stronger sex who broke your heart or did not meet expectations. It is a kind of defensive reaction that occurs on the background of accumulated negative emotions. For men the most acute and painful are the words, degrading sense of his dignity. For example, if you tell him that he is a coward, a sissy, a sissy, spineless creature, not having his own opinion, etc. to bring the conversation to a boiling point, can affect the financial side of the question, chiding him that he earns little, can not provide a soul mate, like a real man. As a rule, the representatives of the stronger sex, very sensitive to such statements, even if not outwardly show it.

The conversation about male power and appearance

For men there is nothing more humiliating than a failure in sexual terms. Loving girl will never remember the embarrassing moments of intimate life that are not embellish her lover. If you tell a man that during sexual intercourse he was far "not on top", it may not only humiliate him but also cause the development of inferiority complex. Especially painful it will be perceived, to put it no tete-a-tete, and, for example, in the company of mutual friends. It will be a blow below the belt, so she should think carefully does a man such a punishment.

Despite the fact that men are very sensitive about their appearance, they are quite sensitive to compliments their "rivals". For example, to the representative of the stronger sex can be a derogatory expression lady that she liked the muscled hunk from next door. Also men do not suffer when they are compared with anyone. For example, the guy started to grind their teeth, the girl enough to hint that he's not tough enough, beefy and masculine, as, for example, some of her friends.

Is it worth it to humiliate?

In fact, to humiliate a man in several well-chosen phrases. Often, however, women who made choices all that has accumulated, do not feel proper relief. The fact is that negativity poured out, does not disappear. He only materialized, making the relationship more strained. Woman, systematically degrading a man, will never achieve the respect, love and affection. On the contrary, he will become introverted and depressed. If emotions are running high, it is better to talk to a friend, and the man simply ignore. Indifference is the worst humiliation and punishment for anyone.