You will need
  • - Towels,
  • - vinegar,
  • - "Vanish" carpet-cleaning
  • - washing powder,
  • - peel of citrus
  • - coffee grounds.
Wet things have a tendency to absorb odors. So take towels or bed sheets, moisten them with water and hang in all the rooms, for example, on the door. It is also worth to lay out the plates with a damp sponge. Only then proceed to General cleaning.
Since the tissues are most strongly absorb the odor, you should start with washing bedspreads, curtains and blankets. Pillows give to the dry cleaner or replace with a new one (which would be roughly equivalent in price). Clean all carpeting and wash with a special tool (Vanish). All the upholstery clean by using detergent cleaner or mild shampoo.
To get rid of the unpleasant tobacco smell, you need to be cleaned all surfaces, resistant to moisture. This includes Windows, walls, windowsills, ceilings, etc. In a container of water add a small amount of vinegar, he will cope with an unpleasant odor.
To get rid of tobacco smell on things, you can soak clothes in a basin of powder, adding a small amount of vinegar. If you do not want yet to wash the item, but there is a need to get rid of the smell, then hang things in the bathroom and next put any air freshener or mix four tablespoons of vinegar in hot water and leave in the same room with clothes for a few hours. The smell will go away.
When the car finally smelled the cigarette smell, then you need to conduct the dry cleaning of the cabin. The easiest way to send the machine to the sink, where you wash and fully clean the interior. But it is possible to cope with this problem their own efforts to wash the upholstery soda solution and leave it in the car a small container with vinegar - this will eliminate the tobacco smell. Put the peel of citrus fruits and leave for a few days, then throw it away.
Spread a thick coffee grounds and pack in small perforated bags, lay the car. Coffee is a wonderful way to remove persistent and unpleasant odors.