You will need
  • - new Wallpapers;
  • - cleaners and detergents;
  • - lime;
  • - chlorine-based products;
  • - swipe.
If the cause of the smell that burnt food, fried fish, or who once smoked, just thoroughly ventilate the apartment, to remove food leftovers, wash the dishes, using detergents and gender, and to freshen the air in any aerosol. But sometimes the odors are deeply eats into the soft furniture, carpets, Wallpaper. In this case, a simple cleaning impossible to eliminate the odor and have to take a more global measures.
With a constant unpleasant odor can be combated only by repair. Remove old Wallpaper, prepare the walls with antiseptic. If the ceilings are washable, then wash them using special tools or soap solution with the addition of chlorine-based products. Remove all upholstered furniture to dry, spread a drop of chlorine-based products for 5 liters of water, soak the cloth, wipe all furniture and dry it out.
Remove all the curtains, wash them and hang to dry outside. If in the house there are wall hangings, carpets, you can wash it in the yard with a brush, liquid detergent and a hose, or take it to the dry cleaners, where he will hold not only remove odors, but also thoroughly clean the carpets, and treated with the composition prevents the absorption of dust.
Remove all of the cabinets with mezzanines. Sort things, throw away all the junk, the cabinets, wipe with a cloth soaked in a solution of water and bleach, aim at the closets heat fan. All things peristerite. Very often some things are indelible years, such as bed linen, if the sets a lot, and always get them do not want a mistress, just clearing one set, quick erase it, turn on the drying program, a couple of times traversed by the iron and trail again. It turns out that other kits to use and once and reluctance.
If the house is private and has a basement, make it a General cleaning, dilute with ordinary lime and whitewash the entire basement. Lime is great it removes all odors and kills all the germs.
Perekleit Wallpaper, hang clean curtains, put the furniture and rugs with the rugs, fold all perestirannye linen in place and you will see what a wonderful aroma in the house. Odor will not remain and a trace.